Tensioner is also called tension roller group. The function of tension roll group is to realize the separation and regulation of the tension for the steel strip in continuous production line.
In continuous production line for colored steel strip, in order ...

Entry Looper

The Entry looper is also called strip accumulator/Inlet looper/entry tower, it allows the steel (aluminium) strip to be carried out without stopping the process line. It widely used at READ MORE

sewing machine

The sewing machine is dedicated equipment applicable to the head-tail connection of plates and strips in the production line of coating and galvanizing of steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and various plate strips, and is composed of steel-structure...


The uncoiler in color coating line is also called decoiler, Pay off real, uncoiling machine, unwinder, unwinding coiler etc
In the color coating line, it equipped with two set single head uncoiler or double-heads uncoiler at the entry of whole line to hold the coil on the mandrel. when the mandrel expands and rotates, the uncoiler tigh...

150,000 tons continuous hot dip galvanizing line produce process

Hot galvanizing, also known as hot dip galvanizing, is an effective metal anti-corrosion method and is mainly used in metal structures in various industries. The rust-removed steel is immersed in a zinc solution melted at about 500 degrees to adhere the zinc layer to the surface of the steel plate to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Steel color coating line

steel coil coating is a process of making the steel strip to be surface pre-treatment and apply orgainc coatings on the strip surface by means of continuous roller coating to give the steel a long term protection under a broad range of corrosive conditions.
Color coating usually refers to the application of liquid paint coat over the substrate in an automatic, cont...

GEIT group ZJ2000*3.5 Steel strip slitting to length line

ZJ2000*3.5 Steel strip slitting to length line is mainly used to cut the strips of steel strips and provide raw materials for pipe strips in welded pipe production lines. The slitting unit has the following four characteristics:
1) Adopt PLC control, hydraulic shearing and hydraulic system to achieve loca...

GEIT group 6*1600 mm Cutting to length line

HJ-1600 automatic cut to length line, it is used to make the steel coil straighten and cut to a specified length.

Technological process

Coil car-----uncoiling---straightening ----shearing machine-----stacking and piling system

High frequency 150*150mm ERW square pipe mill 

The technical flow of the production line

Steel Tape→→ Double-...

High frequency 20*406.4 mm FFX 16

The High-frequency-Steel-strip-ERW-pipe-production-mill is used to process a strip coil with a thickness of δ=5.5-20mm and a plate width B=520-1350mm into a straight seam welded pipe with a diameter of φ168....

High frequency 5 1/2

The ERW pipe mill is used to process the strip thickness δ=3-12.7mm, the plate width B=430-1020mm, the steel grade X70, N80 (Max) strip winding, leveling, forming, welding and other processes into diameter φ139.7-φ323.9mm straight seam welded pipe. It is equipped with medium frequency an...

820-3220mm SSAW pipe production mill

SSAW pipe production mill application:

1.Low pressure fluid transfer pipeline, city gas transport and water supply and drainage pipeline;

2.Piling steel pipe for engineering construction;

3.Steel pipe for industrial structure;

4.Steel pipe for other uses.

630-3220 mm SSAW pipe production mill

Product Application:

1Low pressure fluid transfer pipeline, city gas transport, water supply and drainage pipeline;

2Piling pipe for industrial construction;

3Pipe for the industrial structure;

4Pipe for other uses.

219-1620 mm SSAW pipe production line

Working process of spiral welded pipe mill:

Uncoiling→Unwinding and Straight→Three-roll rough leveling→Vertical roll centering→Cutting and Butt-welding→Five-roll finish leveling→Delivering→ Guiding plate→Forming→Inner welding→Oute...

Cold Carbon Steel Rolling Mill Machine

Part 1 Technical specifications

1) Material:after pickling carbon steel coil Q195,Q215,Q235,SPCC,SPCD,SPCE,SS400

2) Input thickness:1.5-4mm width: 850-1250mm

3) Output thickness 0.2-2.0mm, width: 850-1250mm

Hot Rolling Steel Bar Line

Part 1 Production scale, raw materials and product specifications

1. Production scale: annual production of 0.3-1 million tons

2. Material: using the continuous casting billet produced in the steel making workshop as raw material

Blank standard: 100% continuous casting billet

Blank thickness: 150mm ...

Hot rolling steel coil line

Part 1 Production scale, raw materials and product specifications

1.Production scale: annual production of 100-1.4 million tons of hot rolling coil

2.Raw materials:carbon structural steel, high quality carbon structural steel, stainless steel

3.Product specifications:

Hot rolling steel strip Line

Part 1 Production scale, raw materials and product specifications 1.Production scale: Annual production 0.8~1.2 million tons 2.Raw material:Continuous casting billet、slab strip Blank thickness: 150~200mm Blank width: 150~480mm Blank length: 6~12m Steel grade: carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, stainless steel 3.Product specifications: Thickness: 1.0~8.0mm Wi...

Hot rolling wire line

Part 1 Production scale, raw materials and product specifications 1. Workshop production scale: Rated working time of the year 6500 hours, the annual production tells 600,000 tons of non-twisted hot rolling wire rod products. 2.Raw materials:

The continuous casting billet produced by the steel making workshop is used as...

Large round-to-square tube shaped unit

The main products of square rectangular pipe forming machine include: 200 square, 300 square, 400 square, 500 square, 600 square and 1000 square forming units.

The large-scale thick-walled special-shaped pipe forming unit produced by our company adopts the “circular square” process, which is a method of extruding a circul...