Large round-to-square tube shaped unit


Large round-to-square tube shaped unitLarge round-to-square tube shaped unitLarge round-to-square tube shaped unit
  • Large round-to-square tube shaped unit
  • Large round-to-square tube shaped unit
  • Large round-to-square tube shaped unit

The main products of square rectangular pipe forming machine include: 200 square, 300 square, 400 square, 500 square, 600 square and 1000 square forming units.  

The large-scale thick-walled special-shaped pipe forming unit produced by our company adopts the “circular square” process, which is a method of extruding a circular welded pipe or a seamless steel pipe into a shaped pipe such as a square steel pipe or a rectangular steel pipe. Its production products are mainly large-diameter, thick-walled square, rectangular steel pipes and shaped pipes.

 The main features of the forming unit:

l  The forming area consists of a plurality of universal models and straightening machines composed of mutually symmetrical vertical rolls;

l  All flat rolls are adjusted by hydraulic motor and worm gear, which greatly reduces the number of forming units. The labor intensity of the operator also greatly improves the efficiency;

l  The transmission has two stages of deceleration, and has a large speed reduction ratio and a large output torque. The distribution box adopts helical gear transmission, and its advantages can withstand large torque. It avoids the disadvantages of the traditional bevel gear box transmitting torque.

l  The vertical roller adopts the overall box type, and the roll changing is convenient and fast.

l  The finite element method is used. Calculate the strength of parts in the product, optimize the product structure and parameters;

l   Apply displacement sensors to quickly adjust the hole shape of the equipment to meet the requirements of precision operation of the equipment.

Moding machine layout

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