Drum flying shears
DATE:2019-01-11 HIT:641

Application: Used for cutting off the head of the intermediate billet to facilitate the bite of the finishing mill, the tail can be cut when necessary.

Structural features: dc motor with low moment of inertia is adopted, and absolute value enc...

Finishing four-high rolling mill
DATE:2019-01-10 HIT:708

Structure characteristics of finishing four-high rolling mill: roller system axial locking adopts latch structure, hydraulic transverse roll changing, universal shaft clamping with hydrau...

Vertical Edger
DATE:2019-01-10 HIT:1668
Vertical edger refers to the mechanical equipment used in the process of steel rolling from raw materials to finished products.It has the advantages of high rigidity of rolling mill, high quality of strip steel, and time-saving and labor-saving ...
Hydraulic Pusher
DATE:2019-01-10 HIT:960

The function and the Structural features of the hydraulic pusher is shown as below:

The function of the hydraulic pusher is to push the preheated slabs into the heating furnace, and push the preheated slabs to the designated p...

Billet supporting machine
DATE:2019-01-10 HIT:668

The function and the structural features of the billetsupporting machine are shown as below:


Two types of the heating furnace
DATE:2019-01-10 HIT:644

1. push steel heating furnace

Push - type reheating furnace is a continuous reheating furnace with push - type reheating machine.The billet slides at the bottom of the furnace or on a sliding rail supported by a water-cooled pipe.Considering i...

Two-high mill
DATE:2019-01-06 HIT:680

The equipment of two-high rolling mill is low carbon steel and nonferrous metal plate cold rolling experiment equipment.With advanced rolling process parameters computer acq...