Blooming mill--(2)
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Blooming mill--(1)
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What is the cold rolled steel
DATE:2019-04-23 HIT:92
What is the cold rolled steel? The “Cold rolled steel ” refers to the steel rolling process done at or near room temperature. Cold rolling involves the rolling of flat rolled coils and sheet products. It undergoes more processing than the hot rolled steel because mo...
The Processes Of Cold Rolling
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Bothcold rolled and hot rolled steelstart out as large steel slabs or billets cast from hot liquid metal. The billets are then heated, eventually reaching over 1700°F. At this high temperature, they are easily flattened into a long sheet using a set of rollers, ...

The differences between hot rolled and cold rolled steel
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Customers often ask us about the differences between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel.Both hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel start out in essentially the same way and both can have the same grades and specifications. But cold rolled s...
The development process of rolling mill
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All over the world, steel has been widely used in various fields.And become the main raw material.About 90% of steel production is made by rolling.The production method of this mill has the advantages of many varieties, high efficiency, strong continuity of production...
How to choose the specification of steel strip rolling production line?
DATE:2019-03-27 HIT:77

When you want to create astrip mill, it is very important to choose the right type of strip to produce.So your options should be careful.

First of all, the selection and judgment should be made based on the market situation. Is the market targ...

How to choose the EPC company for steel strip rolling mills
DATE:2019-03-19 HIT:69
These situations must be determined according to your company's design and engineering capabilities. Also, examining each other's technical capabilities, reputation and successful engineering cases are important factors in making choices. Our company has inno...
what is cold rolled steel coil?
DATE:2019-03-15 HIT:64
The cold rolled steel coil is a type of cold rolled steel.It is different from the hot rolled steel coil.It refers to the steel ...
History of cold rolled steel coil production line
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Cold rolling of steel began in Germany in the mid-19th century, only 20--25mm wide cold rolled strip steel could be produced in that time.The 25 mm cold rolled strip mill was established in the United States in 1859, and a low carbon ...
What is hot rolled steel coil?
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Hot rolled steel coil is made of slab (mainly continuous casting slab) as raw material, which is heated and then made into strip steel by r...

Development of hot rolled steel coil (hot strip) production lines in China
DATE:2019-02-21 HIT:86

The first hot rolled coil production line is the 2800/1700 semi-continuoushot strip millof Angang Steel Company Limited. This production l...

The advantages of the hot rolling
DATE:2019-02-18 HIT:84

Hot rolling can improve the processing performance of metal and alloy, that is, the coarse grain in casting state is broken, the crack is obviously healed, the casting defect is reduced or eliminated, the cast structure is changed i...

What is the hot rolled steel
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What is thehot rolled steel?As the name implies, “hot rolled steel” refers to the steel rolled by high temperature heating.The rolling process undergoes high temperatures of over 1,000°F, which is above the re-crystallization temperature for most steels...

The production process of the cold rolled steel coil
DATE:2019-02-10 HIT:120

The production process of cold rolled coil is slightly different according to the variety and specification of raw materials and products. The general process of cold rolled steel coil is introduced as follows.

1.Pickling.A continuous pickling...

Development of cold rolled strip (steel coil) production lines in China
DATE:2019-02-06 HIT:68
Comparing to other countries, the cold rolled strip production mills are started and developed a little late in China. The begining of cold rolled steel coil production in China is at 1961, Angang steel built the first cold rolled strip mill with the engineering and ...