Cold Carbon Steel Rolling Mill Machine

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Cold Carbon Steel Rolling Mill Machine

Part 1  Technical specifications

1) Material:after pickling carbon steel coil Q195,Q215,Q235,SPCC,SPCD,SPCE,SS400

2) Input thickness:1.5-4mm width: 850-1250mm

3) Output thickness 0.2-2.0mm, width: 850-1250mm

4) Max. coil weight:25t

5) ID/OD:φ508mm/φ2000mm

Part 2 Main components of the machine

This type of machine is HC reversing cold rolling mill with automation equipments with advanced design, high quality, and can produce competitive products, it is composed of loading car, uncoiler, pinch leveler, right coiler, unloading car, front device, 1450mm 6-roller reversing main mill, rear device, left coiler, unloading car, roll changing device, hydraulic system(hydraulic station, lubrication, etc), and electric controller.

Driving direction: from right side


Whole digital DC speed adjusting, silicon control power supply, PLC control.

Hydraulic pressure up, AGC thickness control

Work roll positive/negative adjusting and intermediate positive bending roll adjusting, intermediate roll transverse movement preset.

Uncoiler centering CPC control

Work roll and intermediate roll quick roll changing.

Coiler correct stop, number of turns memory, at the tail of coil auto speed decreasing stop,

Rolling speed and tension auto control, digital display.

Rolling line elevation quick adjusting.

Bearings oil gas lubrication.

Failure diagnose, giving alarm, and strip break protection.

Part 3 Main components

1) Loading car 1 set

2) uncoiler 1 set

3) tension leveler 1 set

4) right coiler 1 set

5) unloading car 2 sets

6) front device 1 set

7) main mill 1 set

8) movable cover 1 set

9) roll changing car 1 set

10) support roll changing device 1 set

11) rear device 1 set

12) left coiler. 1 set