Tianjin Zhongzhong Science and Technology "Super Large Hot-rolled H-beam Process and Equipment Research and Development and Demonstration Application Project Feasibility Appraisal Council" held in Beijing

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Tianjin Zhongzhong Science and Technology
Recently, sponsored by the Chinese Society of Metals and undertaken by Tianjin Zhongzhong Science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., the "Super Large Hot Rolled H-beam Process and Equipment Research and Development and Demonstration Application Project Feasibility Appraisal Council" was successfully held in Beijing. It was hosted by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Yin Ruiyu and Hu Zhenghuan. 24 specially invited experts from 18 research institutes, well-known universities and enterprises, including Huang Qingxue, Yue Qingrui, Mao Xinping, the Expert Committee of the Chinese Society of Metals, University of Science and Technology Beijing, etc. commented on the project.
The process and equipment of ultra-large hot-rolled H-beams are still blank in the world. Traditional welding processes have disadvantages such as low efficiency, low yield, large pollution, and product quality that is greatly affected by thermal stress zones. For this reason, China Heavy Technology announced in March 2019 Proposed the research and development of "super-large hot-rolled H-beam technology and equipment", and took the lead in the formation of industry, academy, and scientific research with MCC Jingcheng, Beijing University of Science and Technology, China Railway Design Institute Bridge Institute, Anshan Iron and Steel Group Beijing Research Institute, and Anshan Baode Steel Co., Ltd. The research and application research team will carry out the research and development of the technology and equipment of the localized super large H-beam to seize the commanding heights of international technology.
At present, the project has completed the process layout of the super-large steel hot-rolling production line, and carried out multiple digital and analog rolling of the 1600X500mm super-large H-beam. The rolling mill automation system can sense the operating status of the equipment in real time, making production intelligent and unmanned. , The cloud-based information platform can achieve full-process material tracking and comprehensive quality traceability, and real-time understanding of the factory's production status through the mobile platform.
Tianjin Zhongzhong Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, manufacturing, sales and technical services. It has the capability of general contracting of metallurgical EPC projects such as high-end intelligent metallurgical rolling series production lines such as 100-1200mm hot-rolled H-beam production line, 300-1700mm high-quality steel strip production line, bar and wire production line, and the company's market share in the medium and wide precision strip production line Above 80%.