What is hot rolled steel coil line? (hot rolling coil mill)


What is hot rolled steel coil line? (hot rolling coil mill)

Hot rolled steel coil line is the continuous production line of hot rolled steel coil . By the means of hot rolling process, this production line can turn the steel raw materials into medium or wide coils.

The raw material of hot rolled steel coil is the continuous casting slab commonly, some times are billets or blooms. when the steel slabs go through rolling stands at a temperature over 900℃ which is over the steel recrystallization temperature. The roller will shape and form the slabs easily into the steel coils.

In a hot rolled coil manufacturing plant, besides the heating furnace area and the hot rolling mill area, the steel coil production line also has the cooling area, cutting area, coiling area and other equipments. By different engineering and design plan, we can get different finished coils, such as hot coils, narrow strips, pickling coils or steel sheets etc.

The history of hot rolled steel coil production line is around 100 years. Now, it is highly automatic line in the steel industries. Tianjin Tianzhongzhongzhi will persist in the business ethic of technology as guide, product as cock, quality as guarantee, service as foundation.With innovative design concept.sincere enthusiastic attitude, enterprising spirit, honest reputation, spirit of team cooperation , we keep up with the latest frontier of metallurgical technology and provide customers with the best products and services.