Heating principle of furnace from hot rolling mill

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Heating principle of furnace from hot rolling mill

Heating principle of furnace from hot rolling mill

Whether it is a steel bar rod/wire hot rolling mill, or steel strip hot rolling mill, or section steel hot rolling mill, the furnace is one of the most important parts in the mill.

The billet heating is carried out through the heat exchange process in the furnace. There are three basic ways of heat exchange in the furnace, namely: convective heat transfer, conduction heat transfer, and radiation heat transfer.

1. Convective heat transfer

Convective heat transfer is the heat exchange process when the furnace gas is in contact with the steel surface, including the convection caused by the displacement of various parts of the furnace gas and the heat conduction between the furnace gas molecules.

2. Conduction heat transfer

Conductive heat transfer is the direct exchange of objects with different temperatures (or the temperature difference of the object) due to the movement of free electrons (for steel) or the movement of molecules (for furnace gas), which occurs on the surface of steel and Internal and between steel and furnace bottom.

3. Radiation heat transfer

Radiation heat transfer is the propagation process of the object's heat ray. The higher the temperature, the greater the radiant energy. This heat transfer exists on the surface of the slab against the furnace wall, furnace gas and furnace wall.